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Photo Use FAQ

Q. Do I need to have a photo release/model release for an image used on a class site (or a student club site)?

Yes, you should always obtain a release for any images used on a website.

Q. Do we need permission at all if the people involved are all employed at ASU - does their employment status make a difference?

You should obtain a release from employees as well as non-employees. We can't require students or employees to sign.

Q. Is a verbal release acceptable? For example, is a "group verbal" okay - e.g., a photographer says, "Anyone mind if I use shots of you on our Web site"?

If no one is under 18, and the photographer can document that all agreed verbally and the event is such that individual permission is not practical, this may be acceptable but written permission is preferred.

Q. In cases where verbal permission is acceptable, how do we deal with groups that may include people who are hearing-impaired?

You need to document that they actually received the information and consented-- written permission is best in this case.

Q. Who should file release forms, and for how long?

The unit who uses or plans to use the photo should retain a copy of the release for as long as photos may be used. Warning: due to archiving features of browsers, consider the photo in use as long as it is available anywhere.

Q. What constraints are reasonable - are we asking to use photos just for a specific purpose, or are we expecting that the permission will allow us to, e.g., clip someone's photo out of a group shot and use it in a context other than the one in which we originally acquired it, or pass it on to others (not ASU) for use, etc.?

The release should describe the broadest possible use.

Q. What about non-people shots - sites on our campuses? Are there any constraints on who may take and use photos on ASU Web sites?

Anyone can take exterior photos of the buildings and grounds for personal, non-commercial use. However, even when images are used for a non-commercial purpose that Arizona State University reserves the right to revoke permission if the images are used in a way that, in the opinion of the university, is in poor taste or would reflect badly on ASU.

Q. A staff member took photos at our event using their personal digital camera. Should we get a photo release if we want to use a photo on our website?

Yes, obtain a photo release.



When choosing photos, it is important to capture ASU's brand values in the imagery.




All photographers taking photographs on university property or of university events must obtain a signed model release form from any student, faculty member, staff person, or member of the public who is visibly recognizable in the photograph.


This page was last modified on August 16, 2012