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Sparky: The University Mascot

The official mascot, Sparky the Sun Devil, was developed in 1955 to reflect the energy and enthusiasm of ASU.

Who may use the Sparky graphic

Sparky may be used on all applications by Intercollegiate Athletics, registered student organizations and the ASU Alumni Association. Other official university organizations may use Sparky only on communications and materials that are directed to students or alumni.


Sparky is a registered trademark of the Arizona Board of Regents. The first use of Sparky on any item must carry the symbol of a registered trademark (®). Sparky’s face is a federal trademark and CANNOT be altered. Registered student organizations may alter Sparky’s trident, feet or hands with permission from ASU trademark office.


Sparky is normally shown in one of four standard color combinations: a) maroon, gold and white; b) black-and-white; c) maroon and white; or d) reverse (see examples at bottom of page). In licensed apparel, the mascot may be presented in a tone-on-tone design. Whenever this presentation is used, it must retain the original character of the design by presenting the face and trident in a lighter shade than the rest of the costume. The teeth and area around the irises of Sparky’s eyes should always be white. All tone-on-tone applications must be approved by Fernando Morales.

Download attached document at the bottom of the page for suggestions on using the Sparky artwork on licensed apparel.


Sparky is normally presented in the standard pose shown on this page. Sparky may only be presented in the standard pose on branded merchandise for retail sale. In other applications, the mascot may be presented in other poses, holding other items than a trident. However, the following restrictions apply: a) all such modifications require the written approval of Brand Council; b) the image must be drawn by a professional illustrator in the exact proportions, colors and facial expression as the original; c) Sparky must always wear the standard costume; and d) Sparky may only be presented in activities and holding items that are deemed acceptable by the university (e.g., conforming to the Student Code of Conduct and appropriate laws).


Sparky must always be shown as a whole image or in partial images that do not detach part of his anatomy from his body. However, in some applications Sparky’s head may be used in isolation (without the rest of his body), and the trident may be used separately as a decorative element.

Three-dimensional and animated applications

Sparky may also be represented in three-dimensional or animated form. In these applications, the restrictions under “Pose” apply.


The mascot is not available for downloading.

Registered student groups should contact your campus organization office for authorization.

Tempe: David Reali
Downtown: Marcus Jones
West: David Anaya
Polytechnic: Lauren Dunning

Others should contact Brand Council.


PMS 208 Maroon



PMS 208 Maroon and PMS 123 Gold

Sparky suggestions for licensed apparel148.66 KB
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