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Brand Language

Language is a very powerful tool in communicating the ASU message, particularly in our print and online communications. By consistently incorporating messages that support the university's initiatives and brand values, we reinforce to our audiences what we are doing and how they will benefit from an ASU education and experience.

For example, refine descriptions of the university from this:

Arizona State University is a comprehensive metropolitan research university for the 21st century, internationally known for its high-quality academic and research programs. More than 57,000 students from all 50 states and some 120 countries enroll at ASU each year, bringing their diverse thoughts, cultures and backgrounds to the university's scholarly environment. By matching university talents and expertise with the vision of community and industry leaders, ASU provides indispensable research and support to address the major issues affecting the quality of life in the Valley of the Sun, the state of Arizona, and throughout the nation and world.

To this:

Arizona State University is a New American University. We embrace the educational needs of the entire population, not just a select group. We are a force for discovery, turning students into thought leaders who will shape the future. We take responsibility for the economic, social and cultural health of the communities we serve, and we conduct our research by considering its impact on the public good.

This page was last modified on February 15, 2008